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Our experienced staff of abstractors and underwriters research real property records to produce accurate Title Search Reports and Title Commitments. Our complete report includes a breakdown of ownership information, open mortgages, mortgage assignments, liens, judgments, foreclosure judgments, bankruptcy search results as well as tax payment status.

Our most committed clients are loan originators, loan processors and Realtors. However, at National we can provide title searches and examinations for real estate agents and individuals inquiring about potential sales or purchases. Give us a call,

Frequently Asked Questions

A title search is a detailed examination of the historical records related to a specific piece of real estate.

The documents and records revealed from a Title Search include recorded Deeds, court records, property and name indexes, outstanding liens and mortgages, as well as many other documents which are related to the property.

There are a number of title defects which a title search can reveal. Some of these defects are outstanding liens and mortgages, encumbrances and restrictions, unpaid taxes, and judgments against the seller of the property which limit the use of the land.

Yes, there are some problems which a Title Search would not reveal. For instance, if the marital status of the original recorded deed was incorrect, it could result in a claim by a legal spouse to the property. Other issues include fraud and forgery, defective deeds, mental incompetence, as well as clerical errors.

The short answer is, your home. If a claim is filed against your property, in extreme cases, you could lose your home and/or property, and still be liable for the outstanding mortgage. Even small claims can cost you time, money and aggravation.

Whether you’re buying or refinancing a home, the lender will always require Title Insurance.  Title Insurance can be ordered by the lender or the realtor.

What Our Clients Say...

"We have been doing business with National since 1996. The staff is exceptional, the price is reasonable, and the turn-around time is quicker than any other abstract company across the state. I can't imagine using any other title company!"