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National Title and Appraisal, Inc. provides 24/7 “real time” online access to the entire appraisal process. 

We pride ourselves in communicating daily via updates with our customers. We relieve your stress by submitting appraisal reports to UDCP, EAD and can provide the necessary SSR forms for you.

Our electronic system reviews all areas of the appraisal report for UAD errors before reaching you, limiting revision requests, and saving you time and money. 

We will also send the secure report to the borrower when directed by you, our customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. First and foremost, we are a service company. Our desire is to make it as easy as possible to do with business with each other. Appraisers must meet the required standards, and we welcome additions to our approved list of appraisers. We can rotate through our panel of vetted appraisers, or if necessary we can use a combination of both lists to accommodate you.

Yes. Through our secure network software, reports are submitted to the EAD and UCDP portals, as part of our service to you.

From any page of our website, simply click the box entitled “Order An Appraisal” and you will be directed to our Sign In screen. Just click on the “Don’t have a free account? Sign Up” link and follow the instructions. Within minutes you are ready to place your order!

At National, we pride ourselves in being one of the best value AMC’s in the industry. As you are aware, the cost for appraisals can differ tremendously depending on the jurisdiction and the type of loan. Please call one of our staff members at 800-944-7788 to inquire about fees in your area.

Absolutely! Many of our lender clients use National as a one stop shop for their lending procedures. When you place a new appraisal order, simply relay to us that you need title work, and/or title insurance and settlement closing services, and will be happy to assist you!

What Our Clients Say...

"I have been using National for 20 years, they have the best customer service we have encountered with AMC's! We order title work and appraisals from National and could not be more pleased with their service!"
- Mortgage Loan Officer