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Since 1992, National has been providing quality appraisals via our experienced and vetted network of Appraisers across the southeast. 

We utilize a vast majority of the same Appraisers we have for years, for several reasons. 

One, is the expertise and professionalism of our staff. 

Additionally, Appraisers have confidence they will be paid in a timely manner by National.

Frequently Asked Questions

Federal guidelines now require a “firewall” between lenders and appraisers. Lenders routinely utilize an Appraisal Management Company (AMC) rather than directly hiring an appraiser. As an AMC, we handle the entire appraisal process from ordering to completion. National Title and Appraisal, Inc. has been providing AMC services since 1992.

National provides Residential and Commercial appraisals, reporting, UDCP and EAD Portal submission and provides the necessary SSR forms for our lender clients.

Absolutely! Many consumers utilize our services for a myriad of reasons. Call us for information and pricing. Please be advised that most lending institutions will not accept an appraisal provided by the borrower, the lender is typically required to order their own appraisal.

Yes. National Title and Appraisal, Inc. can perform Residential and Commercial appraisals throughout the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi.

National pays all outstanding appraisals each and every month on the last day of the month for the work completed during the previous 30 days. On time, every time!

No. As an Appraisal Management Company we are a disinterested third party to the transaction. We are simply the facilitator and firewall between the Lender and the Appraiser.

National has been in the title and appraisal management industries since 1992. We currently perform Appraisal Management services in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi.

On the top of this and every page of our website, simply click “Contact Us” and send us an email with your desire to work with us, and a representative from our Appraisal team will contact you.

What Our Clients Say...

"We have used National for years for our title insurance needs, then we discovered their Appraisal Management Company, and now we have one stop shopping for our entire loan process. The value, expertise and communication from the Appraisal Management department is second to none. We love National!"
- Loan Processor